Sidebar Options

Design Considerations

The sidebar options are for fine-tuning the block output and are not required to be used to insert and publish the QuotesDLX block.

By design, the majority of the options are on the block itself, not the sidebar.

Showing the Sidebar

If the QuotesDLX block has been selected and you see no sidebar options for it, please ensure the "Gear" icon is selected and that you are on the block tab.

To show the QuotesDLX block options, select the Block tab and select the block.

Setting Max-Width

Shown in the screenshot are the max-width options. You can also observe a character counter in the screenshot as well.

Maximum Width comes into play if you have a large layout and you need to restrict the QuotesDLX block to a certain width.

You can choose the units desired for the max-width.

  • px (pixels - default)

  • % (percentage)

  • vw (a portion of the visible width in the browser)

Tweet Button Options

Enabling or Disabling the Click to Tweet Button

This option enables or disables the "Click to Tweet" button. The button is enabled by default.

If you are wanting to use the block simply for the quote layouts (i.e., themes), you can disable the button from showing.

Button Text

Customize the text shown within the button (useful for translations).

Button Alignment

You can choose to align the Click to Tweet button to the left, center, or right.

Depending on what theme you use, some themes look better with a centered button.

For most themes, it is recommended to use a right-aligned button for better conversions.

Icon Alignment

You can adjust the "Twitter" icon to the left or right within the button.

Button Display

You can choose between:

  • Showing just text (a button without the Twitter icon)

  • Showing just the Twitter icon

  • Showing both text and the icon (default)

The Contextual (Meatball) Menu

A Meatball menu is three horizontal dots that resemble a meatball sandwich. It's called a Contextual Menu because most users do not know what a Meatball Menu is when labeling it as such.

Here's what the Contextual Menu looks like within the block.

When the Contextual Menu is opened, you will see the following options:

  • Copy Text: Off by default, this allows a user to copy the text in rich-text format.

  • Copy Tweet: this allows a visitor to copy the tweet you have prepared so a user can use the Tweet text should they not have the Twitter app on their phone and/or they are not logged into Twitter.

  • Copy Link: this is the link to the quote. It allows a visitor to share a direct link to the quote when shared so that a user can view the quote without having to find it in the content.

  • Tweet This: This is just another call-to-action shortcut for the visitor to tweet the quote.

With the introduction to the Contextual Menu, you can use the sidebar options to customize the menu output.

Within the sidebar options, you can enable or disable the Contextual Menu, and even show or hide certain menu items.

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