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Inserting the Block

Inserting the QuotesDLX block is easy if you know the right shortcuts. Let's go over a few ways to insert the block.

Using the Block Inserter

When on a post or page in the admin, you can click the "+" icon to open the Block Inserter.
The Block Inserter
From there, type in quotesdlx to be taken to the block.
Block Inserter
Click on the QuotesDLX block to insert the block.

Using a Slash Command

The Block Editor has some convenient shortcuts, and one of those is the / command.
Simply type in / followed by a block name. In the case of QuotesDLX, you can use several keywords to help find the plugin.
Here are a few examples:
  • /quotesdlx
  • /blockquote
  • /quo
  • /tweet
  • /quote
Here's a screenshot of what you'll see when you type in a slash command.
Inserting the Block Using a Slash Command

Using the 'quotesdlx' Shortcut

You can also insert the block easily by just typing quotesdlx and hitting the enter key on your keyboard.
QuotesDLX Shortcut