Block Tabs

This page will go over the various block tabs.

The Appearance Tab

The Appearance tab is where you place the main quote. You can format your quote to your liking, even having it span multiple paragraphs.

You'll see a rough preview and you can interact with the various quote elements just like someone would do so on the front-end of the site.

If you decide to change themes or put the block into preview mode, you'll immediately see the changes while on the Appearance tab.

The Tweet Settings Tab

Within the Tweet Settings tab you can do the following:

Set Custom Tweet Content

You'll notice on every tab that there is a character counter. If your quote exceeds the length in the character counter, you can click on Customize Twitter Content and enter a truncated summary of what you would like the tweet to look like.

Simply adjust the Tweet Content so that you have plenty of characters left for your tweet.

Enter Hashtags

You can enter hashtags that correspond to your tweet. These will show up when someone decides to tweet out your quote.

Set a Tweet Credit

If you would like to provide attribution for the quote, you can enter the person's Twitter handle here.

The Link Settings tab will allow you to customize the link that is shown in the tweet.

You can:

If you would not like links in the Tweet, you can disable all links from showing up.

Enable or Disable an Anchor

Each block is given a unique ID so that you can directly link to the Quote. You can turn this on or off and even customize the anchor.

Enable or Disable URL Shortening

A URL shortener can trim much-needed characters from your Tweet.

The default is None, which means it will use the full URL of the post or page you are inserting the quote on.

Both Bitly and Jetpack are supported if the plugins are installed.

Alternatively, you can select Manual and insert a custom URL of your choosing.

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