Advanced Options

Set font settings and reset options.

Setting Font Families

You can set global font families for all of the themes in the advanced section.

With one click, you can disable all of the Google Fonts supplied. You can also change the default fonts used in the themes and even preview the results.

Google Fonts and Your Privacy: All Google fonts selected are loaded locally and do not communicate with Google's servers.

Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts are typically used by professional designers, so the option to use Adobe Fonts is present. Simply enter your Adobe Font web project ID, and select your Adobe Font from the dropdown.

Adobe Fonts will only display when the appropriate web project stylesheet is included. If you don't have a plugin installed that outputs your Adobe Fonts stylesheet, you can use QuotesDLX to do so.

  • Activate Adobe Fonts in the Admin: This will load Adobe Fonts in the admin and block editor sections in the WordPress dashboard.

  • Activate Adobe Fonts on the Frontend: This will load Adobe Fonts on the front-end of your site.

Resetting Options

In the event you need to reset your options to defaults, you can reset all of the options by selecting Reset.

Resetting Options: Resetting options will remove all of your saved options. This cannot be undone.

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