Welcome to QuotesDLX

A Quote Block Reimagined
The goal of the QuotesDLX plugin: Create an easy-to-use, yet customizable, blockquote block with support for themes, social networks, and user interaction.
QuotesDLX is a reimagining of the classic Blockquote or Quote block in the new WordPress block editor.
QuotesDLX Block Interface

Getting Started

Have a minute? Here's a quick demonstration video.
QuotesDLX Teaser Video
QuotesDLX is a Premium Plugin: Please purchase a license.

Share Your Quotes with Ease

QuotesDLX is designed with the WordPress block editor in mind.

Easy to insert

Just type in /quotes into the block editor to insert the block.
Inserting the QuotesDLX Block

Add some text

Add your quote content directly into the block.
Adding your quote is just as simple as Copy & Paste

Trim the text for sharing

If your quote is too long, you can trim the text for sharing. Keep the original quote, and optimize for social.
If your quote is too long, you can customize what is shared

Select a theme

Select from one of four beautifully designed themes (more themes are coming soon).
Selecting a new theme is just a few clicks from the toolbar


Once you're done, publish or update the page and view your quote on the front-end.
The quote is presented and a user can take action if needed