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Comment Edit Pro is easy to configure
Comment Edit Pro Admin Screen

Configuration Options

A Card View of the Major Features on the Home Screen
Comment Edit Pro comes with a variety of features, with the major ones showcased on the home screen.
Scroll to view a brief description of each of the features.
Additional Features with Descriptions

Admin Tabs

Here is a brief description of the available admin tabs.
Home Admin Tab


The home tab displays the license status and has a card view of the major features of Comment Edit Pro. Each card has a shortcut to the admin panel setting.


Avatars Tab with Comment Avatars and Gravatar Privacy Protection
The Avatars tab allows you to configure Comment Avatars and Gravatar Privacy Protection.

Character Control

Comment Character Control Admin Settings
Comment Character Control enables a horizontal character meter below your comment form. It notifies the user of a comment that's too short or too long.
Comment Character Control on the Frontend

Comment Editing

Comment Editing Admin Options
The Comment Editing options allow you to adjust how comment editing works for your users. You can enable Frontend editing, unlimited editing for logged-in users, set up email alerts, and even modify the translations.


Integrations Tab
The Integrations tab contains a few integrations such as Mailchimp and Slack integration.
With Mailchimp, you can get subscribers when users leave comments. For Slack, you can receive an alert for new comments.


License Screen
The License screen allows you to input your Comment Edit Pro license so you can receive updates and support.

@ Mentions

@ Mentions Admin Tab
@ Mentions allows you to configure mentions in your comments section. Users can interact with other commenters, and commenters can opt-in to be alerted when they are mentioned.

Spam Protection

Spam Protection Tab in the Admin
Spam Protection currently supports three services:
  • Akismet
  • Cloudflare Turnstile
  • Google reCAPTCHA 3
These are all optional services and you should be fine if you have your own spam protection mechanisms.


Webhooks Options in the Admin Panel
Webhooks allow you to ping third-party services when comments are posted. If you would like an automatic workflow for comments, then connecting to a third-party service via a webhook is a perfect way to manage your comments.
Comment Edit Pro is a premium Add-on. Please check out Comment Edit Pro.