Comment Shortcuts

Enable some shortcuts, which are added to existing menu items unobtrusively.

Comment Shortcuts enable comment-related items that are shown in existing admin menu items.

Configure Left Admin Sidebar Menu Items

For example, there is the Comments menu in the left sidebar. With Comment Shortcuts, you can add the main comment tabs in order to save you a few clicks.

You can configure what displays by heading to the Tools menu and clicking on Comment Shortcuts.

From there, you can configure what displays, and even enable or disable the Count Bubbles next to each menu item.

Disable the Admin Bar Comments Item

The next option allows you to hide the comments menu bar item in the admin bar.

You can hide the menu item with one click. If you do have the admin bar item enabled, the next section will cover shortcuts within the admin bar item itself.

Shortcuts in the Admin Bar Menu

When in the admin, you can hover over the Comments admin bar menu item and see the available shortcuts, which are very similar to the options shown in the admin sidebar.

In the admin bar in the admin, you can view:

  • Approved comments

  • Pending comments

  • Spam comments

  • Trash comments

On the frontend, there are several more options if you are viewing a post with comments.

In addition to the shortcuts to the site's comments, there are several Post Shortcuts.

  • View approved comments for the post

  • View pending comments for a post

  • View spam comments for a post

  • View trashed comments for a post

There are several advanced options as well:

  1. Close or open comments for a post

  2. Hide or show comments for a post

  3. Delete post comments

You can adjust what is shown in the admin bar through the shortcut options.

Deleting All Post Comments

If you're ever in a situation where you need to remove all of the post's comments, you can do so with the Delete Post Comments shortcut.

It'll pop-up a modal where you can confirm deletion, and even skip the trash for the deleted comments.

The delete option will delete 30 comments at a time in order to not timeout on your server.

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