Cloudflare Turnstile

Turnstile is Cloudflare's non-interactive Captcha and is an alternative to reCAPTCHA 3.

Cloudflare Turnstile is an alternative to reCAPTCHA 3 and is a non-interactive captcha replacement.

Turnstile can be used even if you do not host your sites with Cloudflare.

It works by sending a "challenge", and if that challenge succeeds, you should be able to complete an action (e.g., submitting a comment).

The challenge is dynamic, so if a particular challenge isn't effective anymore, the Turnstile widget can adapt to a new challenge automatically without having to do anything.

Comment Edit Pro Turnstile Settings

When enabling Turnstile, you can choose to enable it for logged-in users.

You'll also be prompted to retrieve a "Sitekey" and "Secret Key."

Turnstile's Getting Started section can help you retrieve your sitekey and secret key.

Test keys: Test keys are shown in the Turnstile FAQ Section.

Additional Options

Additional options allow you to determine:

  • The language used (set to Auto for auto-detection)

  • The widget appearance (light or dark mode)

  • The widget size (compact or normal)

The final option, the Submit button ID, is so we can add Turnstile to the submit button on your comment form. Since every comment form is unique, you'll have to input the ID for the submit button if it's not a standard comment section.

How Turnstile Works

When a user starts typing into the comment textarea, Turnstile is initiated.

A Turnstile widget is shown and if successful, it'll pass a token back.

Comment Edit Pro takes this token and verifies it when the comment is submitted.

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