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Mailchimp Integration

Get Subscribers From Your Comment Section

Why Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is by far the largest provider for newsletters. Adding Mailchimp to your comment section is a no-brainer and is an easy way to get more subscribers through comments.

Mailchimp on the Front-end

With Mailchimp enabled in Comment Edit Pro, you'll see a checkbox just above the submit button.
Mailchimp Checkbox on the Comment Form

Enabling Mailchimp

You'll find Mailchimp in the Integrations tab in Comment Edit Pro. If you're setting it up for the first time, you'll see an enable toggle switch.
Enable Mailchimp Toggle Switch

Setting the Mailchimp API Key

Once Mailchimp is enabled, you can enter your Mailchimp API key.
Mailchimp API Key: Please view the Mailchimp documentation on retrieving your API key.
Entering your Mailchimp API Key
About API Keys | Mailchimp
Documentation for Retrieving the Mailchimp API Key

Selecting a List

Once you have entered your API key, you will need to save the options so that you can select a list.
Setting the Mailchimp API Key and Selecting a List

Configuring Mailchimp Options

Once a list is selected, you can configure and save the options.
Mailchimp Options
You can customize:
  • The sign-up label: this will show above the comment submit button.
  • The checked state: you can check or uncheck the sign-up option.
Checked by default: having the box checked may affect spam protection in some countries.

Mailchimp in the Comment Section

With Mailchimp set up, you will now see a checkbox above the submit button for subscribing to a list.
Sign-up Label and Checkbox

Future Plans for Mailchimp

If this feature proves popular and users request it, there is a plan to allow a Mailchimp list per post setting.