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Comment Deletion

Comment Deletion Options
Sometimes comments are left in haste or in the moment, and the user would simply like to remove the comment rather than edit it. Allowing users to delete their comments is a nice way of self-policing their comments.

Enabling Comment Deletion

Allow Comment Deletion Option
Comment deletion is enabled by default
When a user edits a comment, they will see a button allowing them to delete their own comment.
Comment with Delete Button
When a user chooses to delete their own comment, a confirmation is shown.
Prompt to Delete a Comment

Delete Only Option

Allow "Delete Only" Option
The "Delete Only" option is designed to only show the Delete option when editing a comment. The Edit button isn't visible, but a Delete option instead.
Delete Comment Button on the Frontend

Removing the Confirmation

Hide the Delete Button Confirmation Option
When editing their comment, the Delete button is shown.
By default, a confirmation is shown to the user to prevent accidental clicks.
Delete This Comment Confirmation
You can disable or enable this confirmation by toggling the setting.

Delete Comments Demo

Here is the behavior of a user deleting a comment.
Animated GIF of a User Deleting a Comment
As you can see, when a user deletes a comment, a status update shows and the comment is removed from view.
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