Appearance Settings

You can modify how Comment Edit Pro looks on the frontend through the appearance settings.

Within the Appearance tab, you can:

  • Show or hide the timer

  • Set the timer to Words or Compact

  • Change the button theme

  • Change the loading image

Showing or Hiding the Timer

By default, the timer is shown. However, if you don't want to display a timer at all, you can uncheck this option.

Timer Appearance

By default, the timer is shown as words.

You can also choose compact to appear more like a countdown.

Button Themes

By default, there are no frontend styles applied to the editing buttons. You can change this by selecting a button theme.

If you select any of the button themes, you'll be asked if you'd like to enable icons.

Enabling icons is recommended to give your buttons a nice boost in appearance with contextual icons.

By default, the editing interface and buttons has no styles.

However, there are three themes you can take advantage of to spruce up the editing interface.

Turning on Icons: If you choose a button theme, it is highly recommended to enable icons.

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