Comment Avatars

Enable custom avatars to add some fun to your comment section

Enabling comment avatars is simple. By default, the comment system uses a service called Gravatars. Not everyone has a Gravatar, so this functionality will allow all users to have their own avatars.

Gravatars and Privacy: Gravatars can potentially leak privacy information if your Gravatar is public and you attempt to leave an anonymous comment using your regular email address. Custom avatars hopes to solve this issue.

Avatar Admin Features

You can disable/enable avatars for Logged-in users and Anonymous users.

Further options allow you to customize the avatar size, and change the label that prompts the user to change their avatar.

Setting an Avatar

When leaving a comment, you and your users can select an avatar to associate with your comment.

Logged-in Users: Setting/editing an Avatar will change your avatar everywhere.

Avatars in the Comments

User selected avatars will show up in the comments section.

Editing Avatars

Logged-in users can edit their avatars at any time by clicking on their avatar in the comments section.

Editing Avatars: at this time there is no option in the user profile section to change avatars for logged-in users.

An admin or someone who can moderate comments can also change a commenter's avatar in the comments section in the admin.

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