Advanced Settings

Quickly disable comments and set the comment field defaults.

With the advanced settings, you can configure Comment Edit Pro to do some basic protection.

You're also able to set the various comment HTML settings.

Disable All New Comments

If you're under attack by a spammer or you just need to disable comments for a while, you can use this option.

Hide All Comments

If you wish to hide all comments on your site, you can select this option.

Disable Spam Protection

Not recommended: Please don't disable this on a production site as it will expose you to spam.

If you need to disable spam protection for any reason, you can check this option.

Set Comment Area HTML IDs and Classes

Some of the integrations require knowledge of the HTML structure of your comment section. This section allows you to let Comment Edit Pro know about the comment structure.

If you need any help with this, please contact support.

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