What is Image Sharing?

Enable Pinterest and Web Sharing on images

One of the features of Highlight and Share is that of image sharing. You can find the Image Sharing settings in the Highlight and Share settings under the Images tab.

If image sharing is enabled, you'll see the following when hovering over an image:

You have two options for image sharing:

  • Pinterest (shows on Desktop and Mobile)

  • Web Share (shows only on mobile devices)

Clicking the Pinterest icon will allow the user to share on Pinterest.

Web Share API

The Web Share API is native to the user's device, so it behaves slightly differently on iOS than on Android.

For example, on iOS, you can use Web Share to copy the image and save it to Dropbox or other native functions, depending on your device and apps.

How the Web Share API Works

When someone clicks on the Web Share icon to share an image, the image is silently downloaded behind the scenes and stored as a file reference so that the user can then save or copy it onto their device.

The user's device is sent:

  1. URL where the image is displayed.

  2. Image file so the image can be copied, saved, or transferred.

How Highlight and Share Matches the Images

Image matching uses the DOMDocument class to parse and match the images. This allows the Pinterest and Webshare icons to be added natively to the HTML document, displayed via CSS and interacted with via JavaScript.

Check your site's front end after enabling image sharing and make sure nothing has changed regarding its layout.

Up next are the various admin options to customize the output.

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