Configuring Image Sharing

You can customize the look and feel of how image sharing looks and behaves.

Navigate to the Highlight and Share admin settings and click on the Images tab.

Enabling Image Sharing

Click "Enable Image Sharing" to allow Highlight and Share to show sharing icons on your post images.

Enable Pinterest Sharing

When enabled, a Pinterest icon will display on an image.

Enable Web Share Sharing

The Web Share API allows for more native sharing and is typically only available on mobile devices or in supported browsers like Safari.

If on a supported browser or device, you'll see a "Share" option when hovering over an image.

On the user's mobile device, they can copy or share the image as they see fit.

Enable Only Image Sharing Using Web Share

Depending on your site, you may want to send only the image and not the URL where the image is located. This can be useful on tutorial sites or educational sites where users may want to copy the images for use in notes easily.

Airdropping and saving images: This option must be enabled to support Airdrop on Mac devices.

Exclude Leading Image

Sometimes, you have a featured image as the first image and want to skip that image. You can skip this "first" or leading image by checking the "Exclude Leading Image" option.

Select Which Post Types to Enable Image Sharing

You can select which post types have image sharing enabled by checking the enabled post types.

Sharing Preview

A sharing preview is shown periodically in the admin options to demonstrate what the sharing icons will look like when displayed on your site.

Sharing Location

By default, the sharing icons appear on the image's top-left.

Sharing locations can be:

  • Top Left

  • Top Right

  • Bottom Left

  • Bottom Right

  • Center

Show on Hover (enabled or disabled)

By default, the sharing options display when hovering. If you'd like them always visible, switch this option off.

Set up Exclusions

Matching every image can be tricky, so that's why there are exclusions.

Think of exclusions as a way to filter out any images you don't want shared.

Enter a keyword, CSS class name, or data attribute, and the image is skipped if a match is found.

Setting the Button Labels

This section allows you to show or hide the button labels and customize them to match the wording on your site.

If you choose to hide the labels, only the icons will display.

Setting the Button Shape

Set the button shape, which can be:

  • Rounded

  • Circle

  • Square

The circular button shape is not recommended if the button labels are visible.

Choose rounded for a button with a slight border-radius.

You can also hide the labels and use the Rounded button shape.

Choose the Square button shape for a more traditional button appearance.

Choose the Circle button shape if you wish to display the icons only in a circular shape. Please note that the Circle button shape is only recommended if the labels are hidden.

Changing the Pinterest Colors

All colors for the Pinterest sharing icon and label can be customized.

Each color can be adjusted to match your site.

A live preview is beneath the color options to see the changes quickly.

Changing the Web Share Colors

All colors for the Web Share sharing icon and label can be customized.

You can use the color picker to match the button to your site.

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