Configuring a Custom Theme

Choose a custom theme to modify how Highlight and Share shows on the frontend

When selecting a custom theme, you will be presented with several options to configure how Highlight and Share shows up on the frontend.

This section will go over the various customization options that are available.

Hide or Show Labels

You can choose to show or hide the labels of the social networks.

You can customize the labels in the main Settings tab when enabling social networks.

Enabling the Social Networks

Item Grouping (Grouped)

When the items are grouped, you can edit the social networks all at once together.

You can adjust:

  • The background color and background color on hover for all the icons

  • The text color and text color on over (if labels are enabled)

  • Adjust the border radius of the container

  • Set icon padding for all icons at once

  • Increase or decrease the icon size for all items

  • Set the font size of the labels (if labels are enabled)

  • Show or hide tooltips

  • Set vertical or horizontal orientation of the icons

Item Grouping (Ungrouped)

To edit the icons individually, you can ungroup the the social networks.

When items are ungrouped, you can configure the colors of each social network icon individually.

Just click on each social network tab to adjust the colors for each network.

In addition to configuring colors, you can customize the appearance of:

  • The individual icon border radius

  • The individual icon padding

  • The icon size

  • The font size of the label (if enabled)

  • The gap between the social networks

  • Enable or disable tooltips

  • Set the orientation to horizontal or vertical

Theme Preview

To view how the changes will look on the frontend, you can view the theme preview at the bottom of the appearance settings.

The Theme Preview

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