Choosing a Theme

Choose from several included themes or choose a custom theme

Changing themes is easy and you'll find the theme selection options under the Appearance tab in the Highlight and Share settings page.

pageFinding the Plugin's Settings

Built-in Themes

Choose between several built-in themes to quickly customize the look and appearance of Highlight and Share.

Available Themes

Unless otherwise noted, the available themes show just the icons and not the labels. A tooltip is available on hover if that option is enabled.

Default Theme

The default theme shows brand colors and labels.

Brand Colors Theme

Colorful Circles Theme

Colorful Glass Circles Theme

Black Theme

Purple Theme

White Theme

Cyan Theme

Magenta Theme

Blue Theme

Green Theme


By default, a Tooltip is shown when hovering over a social network.

To remove the Tooltips, simply toggle the Tooltip option and save your changes.

You can modify the Tooltips in the Settings tab when enabling a social network.

You can customize the tooltips even further by adjusting the background and text color of the tooltip.

pageEnabling the Social Networks


You can choose between horizontal and vertical orientation.

The preview below will show how the social icons will look on the frontend.

Custom Themes

If you would like to customize the theme to your own specifications, you can select "Custom" from the theme dropdown.

pageConfiguring a Custom Theme

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