Welcome to Highlight and Share

Show available social networks when a user interacts with the text on your website.

The goal of Highlight and Share: Provide an intuitive, lightweight, and extremely flexible way for users to be shown social sharing options when interacting with your site's content or images.

How Highlight and Share Works

Text Selection

Highlight and Sharing displays a small pop-up when a reader highlights text on your site.

By default, this works on any post or page content. You can customize Highlight and Share to show anywhere using advanced selectors.

Inline Highlighting

You can mark a selection of text as an inline highlight using the Block Editor format option, or wrapping a selection with class has-inline-text.

Click to Share Block and Shortcode

The Click to Share block and shortcode allows you to heavily customize a "Click to Share" box that readers can click on to share.

Image Sharing

Share your images using Pinterest or the Web Share API.

Highlight and Share is Free: Please visit Highlight and Share on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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