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Welcome to Turnstile for Paid Memberships Pro

Turnstile on a Login Screen
This latest plugin by DLX Plugins integrates Cloudflare Turnstile with Paid Memberships Pro.
Cloudflare Turnstile serves as an alternative to traditional CAPTCHA systems, aimed at verifying human interaction on web forms and logins.
Unlike CAPTCHAs, Turnstile often validates users without requiring interaction. It is presented as a widget which can be embedded in various parts of a website, providing a free and adaptable solution for human validation.

Plugin Features

Enable/Disable Turnstile Protection

Via the admin settings, you're able to blanket enable or disable Cloudflare Turnstile.
Enable or Disable

Login form protection

Protect your login forms, whether it's the one provided by Paid Memberships Pro or are using the default login.
Default Login Form
PMPro Login Form
You are able to enable/disable which login form is protected via the admin settings.
Options for the Login Forms

Password form protection

Protect your password reset sections, whether you are using the one provided by Paid Memberships Pro, or are using the default forms.
Default Password Reset Screen
Paid Memberships Pro Reset Password Screen
In the admin settings, you can choose which password forms to protect.
Password Form Options

Checkout form protection

You can protect your checkout forms from spam protection.
Turnstile on the Frontend in the Checkout Area
Checkout protection can be disabled or enabled in the admin options.
Checkout Form Options in the Admin Settings

Preview in the admin

You can preview and test how Cloudflare Turnstile looks and behaves in the admin settings.
Preview Option in the Admin Settings
Once on the preview modal, you can do a test to see if Cloudflare Turnstile is working on your site.
Preview Modal with Turnstile Enabled
Preview Modal with Turnstile Test Passed

Test keys in the admin

For convenience, there is a panel that will show the test keys you can use to test Turnstile.
Test Keys Panel in the Admin

Appearance settings

Appearance Settings in the Admin
You can change the Turnstile appearance settings by configuring:
  • Widget theme (dark, light, or auto)
  • Widget size (normal or compact)
  • Language
  • Display settings
Light Mode
Dark Mode
Here's a preview of what a compact widget looks like:
Turnstile Compact Widget

Excluding membership levels at checkout

If a user with an excluded membership level tries to checkout, then Turnstile will be skipped.
Turn off Turnstile for These Levels

Excluding checkout levels at Checkout

You may want to prevent Turnstile for showing for a specific level at checkout. This can be useful for excluding a level that is only available to paying members.
Turn off Turnstile When Checking Out for These Levels

Enable or disable admin bar shortcuts

Turnstile Shortcuts in the Admin Bar
Add a menu item to Paid Memberships Pro's menu section allowing quick access to the settings of this plugin.
Furthermore, you can use the menu to disable or enable Turnstile at checkout. This is useful for testing.
You can disable or enable the feature in the admin settings.
Enable or Disable Admin Bar Shortcuts

Set a query bypass so you can skip Turnstile

Bypass Options for Turnstile
If you are protecting all the forms on the site, there may be a situation where you are locked out.
You can set a query key and value, and when matched, will skip Cloudflare Turnstile protection.