Getting Started

This will walk you through how to get started with Ajaxify Comments.

Ajaxify Comments Admin Screen

When first installed, Ajaxify Comments is disabled by default. This is so you can set up the selectors and appearance of Ajaxify Comments before enabling the plugin.

Set up the Selectors

Head to the admin settings and view the Selectors tab. Selectors tell Ajaxify Comments about your comment section.

Selectors Admin Screen

If you are an advanced user, please enter the selectors that make up your comment section.

Use Menu Helper to Find the Selectors

Use Menu Helper: Find a post or page with comments and use Menu Helper to assist in finding your selectors.

Selectors are an advanced topic requiring you to inspect your comment section's HTML source. This is why Menu Helper was created. For first-time setup, Menu Helper is available to help you along.

Go ahead and enable Menu Helper.

Menu Helper in the Enabled State

Navigate to a Post or Page With Comments Enabled

Find a post with comments enabled and navigate to the front end of that post (i.e., view it on the site).

With the admin bar enabled, you'll see Ajaxify in the top admin bar.

View "Ajaxify" in the Top Admin Bar

Launch Selector Helper

Selector Helper is a wizard that tries to scan your site's source code for the right comment selectors.

Comments must be enabled, and at least one comment should be posted.

The wizard will check if comments are enabled and at least one comment has been left on the post.

Error When Comments Are Disabled

If you need to enable comments, there is a shortcut in Menu Helper.

Open Comments Option in Menu Helper

If all checks pass, you'll see a success confirmation allowing the Selector Helper to run.

Initial Step of Selector Helper

Selector Helper first checks that there is at least one comment and that comments are open. If the tests pass, it will scan the source for the comment selectors.

Selectors Found with Selector Helper

If all of the selectors have been found, you'll see a table of the found selectors, which you can then save.

Use Menu Helper to Simulate Ajaxify Comments Enabled

Simulate Ajaxify Comments Enabled

You can simulate what Ajaxify Comments will look like when enabled. Using Menu Helper, select "Simulate Enabled."

This will refresh the page, and you can post comments as if Ajaxify Comments is enabled. A "Back to Post" button will allow you to return to the page without Ajaxify Comments enabled.

Extra Options When Enabled

With Ajaxify Comments enabled, you can use Menu Helper to simulate the loading, error, and success messages that Ajaxify Comments uses. This is useful for adjusting the appearance and previewing the changes on the front end.

Leave a Few Test Comments

Leave a few test comments and ensure all error messages work (posting duplicate comments, empty comments).

An Example of Posting a Comment With Errors

Enable Ajaxify Comments

If comments are working as expected, it's time to enable Ajaxify Comments.

Using Menu Helper, visit the admin settings to enable Ajaxify Comments.

Use Menu Helper to Visit the Admin Settings

You can now enable Ajaxify Comments, and you can disable Menu Helper.

Admin Options Showing Ajaxify Comments Enabled


Successful Comment Submission

Help and Support

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